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About our licks

Traditionally simple salt and mineral lick blocks are known. However, our partner company S.I.N. HELLAS has shown that lick blocks are an excellent way to provide horses with further supplements.

Since more than 25 years the company produces a wide variety of salt and mineral licks from pure Mediterranean salt in table salt quality and is now considered as the market leader for special and innovative lick blocks.

Special mineral lick blocks have been developed to allow horses to take in minerals, trace elements, vitamins, herbs, essential oils and even live yeast according to their individual needs.

With the help of our lick blocks deficiency symptoms and resulting diseases can be prevented. The animals remain vital and healthy and are more resistant to diseases.

Many years of experience have gone into each of our mineral lick blocks. The production is ISO 22000 and QS (Quality + Safety) certified. The lick blocks are developed in the EU and manufactured in Greece according to EU social and environmental standards. This brings not only a good feeling, but also the joy of the Greek sun to us and our animals.