Lolly-Lick | Lecksteine Shop

The sugarfree activity lick

For more entertainment for your horse!
Without sugar, molasses or grain

What is Lolly-Lick?

Our Lolly-Lick is a healthy and tasty horse toy without any sugar. It provides more variety, whether in the box, on the paddock, or in the open stable and helps effectively against boredom or restlessness.

What do the sugar-free Lolly Licks consist of?

The basic ingredient of the horse toy is very high quality Mediterranean Sea salt with natural iodine, supplemented with minerals and trace elements and is rich in vitamins. Natural ingredients such as rosehip or chamomile round out the healthy formula. 

What is the best way to apply Lolly-Licks?

We recommend attaching Lolly-Licks quite simple and naturally with a rope. 
The rope should be about 1cm thick. At the end of the rope a simple square knot is made and the Lolly-Lick is threaded onto the rope. Done!

You can attach the Lolly-Lick with the rope pretty much everywhere.
You want to offer your horse more than one variety?
No problem! To do this tie another knot above the first Lolly-Lick and thread on the next, so that several Lolly-Lick varieties can be offered at the same time.

Alternatively, Lolly-Licks also fit into various hanging holders such as Kerbl or LIKIT. 

And the best:

Lolly-Licks can be provided to your horse permanently, as they contain no sugary glucose or molasses and are also grain-free!

Available in 6 tasty and innovative varieties:

  • Stressless with lavender
  • Soothing with chamomile
  • With mint and eucalyptus beneficial for the respiratory system
  • Vitamin booster with rosehip
  • Fruity delicious with apple
  • Simply delicious with vanilla and banana

Ideas for attaching our Lolly-Licks: